Tourism in the USVI


Your group is in charge of convincing a group of travelers to visit the United States Virgin Islands. Gather information about Virgin Islands attractions, hotels and facts about our history. This information will then be presented as the group tries to convince a class to visit.


In a group of five members, each student will gather information regarding the United States Virgin Islands. Students will create a poster compiling the information you have learned to entice more visitors.

Group Member 1: Describe the successful slave revolt of the USVI and identify what one other place in the world also had a successful slave revolt.
Group Member 2: Identify the Virgin Islands national music, dance, bird, flower, food, and flag.
Group Member 3: Find what seven flags ruled over the Virgin Islands and place in order by time.
Group Member 4: Identify the 5 of the most popular tourist attractions in the USVI that are not national monuments. Identify two national monuments that on located in the United States Virgin Islands.
Group Member 5: List three famous Virgin Islanders who have received worldwide recognition.
Whole Group- Assemble information into poster board

USVI Tourism WebQuest Rubric


Points Possible

Earned Points

(graded by teacher)

Earned Points

(graded by guest)

All information required is displayed and discussed




Participation by all group members




Poster is decorated with pictures and colors that match the information assigned




Presentation is clear and displays student understanding




Final poster board is neat and presentable




Total Points Earned






All students will be able to present the information they learned, and act of tourism advocates of the Virgin Islands. Each student will have a newer, more in-depth knowledge of the United States Virgin Islands that they will be able to share with others.

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