Transport Mini-Webquest - Week 4 Upper Intermediate


You will be given the name of a special type of transport.

You will be given 30 minutes to research your transport.

You will be required to give a 2-3 minute talk to the class to explain your form of transport.



In your research, you need to try and find out the following:

  • What kind of transport it is (type, size, power, number of people carried)
  • When it was / is used
  • Where it was/is used
  • Who invented or used it
  • Why it is special or famous

The choices of transport are:


Apollo 11


The Ghan




The Spirit of Freedom


Trans Siberian


Kitty Hawk




Sugarloaf Mountain Gondola




The Spirit of Tasmania





1. Research websites to find information about your special transport.

2. Take notes as you research.

3. Create a simple powerpoint with ONE slide to explain each piece of information

- a maximum of 10 words per slide! - 

4. Present your powerpoint to the class and explain your transport!