Transportation is the way that you get around each day. You can travel from one place to another place, using different type of land transportation. You will be engage in activity about the different types of land transportation, long time ago and now.

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Along with the guide of your parents, research the different types of land transportation in the past and now, be sure to include pictures of your choice. Be prepared to present your research on zoom for our next class. 



The students and teacher will discuss the animals back in those days and the vehicles we are using now.

Animals such as donkeys, horse, camels, and mules are used long time ago to carry people and goods because they had no vehicles. Even today we can still see persons traveling on donkeys and horses. There are different types of transport that carry people and goods from one place to another place today. The driver of the different modes of transportation are the ones who drive these vehicles for them to be able to move from one place to the next.

             Step 1: Research what is land transportation? Why do we need land transportation? How do we travel back in the past? Types                              of land transportation.

             Step 2: Use these information to create your presentation, presentation must include pictures and words and or video.

              Step 3: Present your information in class using zoom.


Students will be evaluated during their presentation for their;

knowledge of their presentation                      20 marks.

their answering of questions being asked       10 marks.

presentation                                                     20 marks.




Students should be able to;

Know the difference between land transportation and other types of transportation..........yes       no

Name at least 4 different types of vehicle land transportation............................................yes       no

Name at least 4 different types of animals that are used for land transportation.................yes       no 



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This wed quest can be adjust to teach an individual of any age group, to use the internet to research while learning how to use the web for themselves with or without supervision.