Traveling back in time.


Businessman flying in a time machine going to the future or past. Vector artwork depicts time machine, back to the past, changing history and finding out about the future.

 Are you ready to travel back in time? Let's see how humanity used to live in the past. How did they use  cook? How did they use to move from one place to another? how did they  use to study? How did they use to communicate? What games did they use to play?  There are so many questions to answer.  Join me in this journey.  Let us explore the world as it was in the past so we can compare it to the this modern life we are living now.   come on, let's go.




Past or Present

  • Learners will complete a worksheet by comaparing past and present life styles in terms of Transportation, communication, education, cooking, entertainment, housing, and clothing. They will explore several websites beforehand to do so. 
  • Learners will take an online test to prove their understanding of the information acquired. 
  • Learners will create a posterboard explaning a traditional game played in the past.  They will have to present it orally to the class.

1. Click on the following yourube videos to gather information about past and present lifestyles in terms of  transportation, communication, education, cooking, entertainment, housing, and clothing.  Take notes,

2:  Go the the following websites to gather more information.

3. Complete the worsheet with the information acquired.  Download here:

4.  Prove your knowledge about the information acquired by taking an online test.   Go to  this link, and then write your name to begin the test.   Here's the link to the test

Traditional Games in the Garden

 5.  Visit the following website to pick and gather iinformation about the traditional game you are going to explain. 

6.   Take notes about the information you are going to present.  Here's a worksheet you can use to do so.

7.  Ask your parents about the game picked so you can gather more information about it. 

8. Create a poster board with the information gathered.

9. Explain orally the poster board to the class.  




This rubric only contains the result of the research 


4 Mastery 

3   Proficient

2 Developing 

1 beginning


Past and present lifestyles worksheet




Worksheet filled completely. With all of the 7 areas addressed clearly.

Worksheet filled completely.  at least 5 to 6 areas addressed clearly.

Worksheet not filled completely.

3 to 4 areas addressed.

Worksheet not filled completely.  Less than 3 areas addressed.


Online Test

9 to 10  questions answered Correctly

From 7 to 8 questions answered Correctly .

From 4 to 6 questions answered correctly

Less than 4 questions answered correctly.




Poster board presentation



The presentation covers all of the information required. 

It is organized, clear and well-illustrated.  




The presentation covers most of the information required.   It is organized, clear and illustrated.  


The presentation covers some of the information required.

Lacks organization, illustration and clarity.



A lot of information is missing in the presentation.

It was not clear, organized. Not illustrated at all





clocks and hourglasses going from past to present to future

That was quite a  long journey through time. Now it is your opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge to the class . show the class how  the world has  changed in terms of transportation, communication, education, cooking, entertainment, housing ,and clothing.  Take time to reflect, and why not to recreate those traditional games played back then 


Teacher Page

By Erlin Mosquera. 

This webquest is designed for foreign 8th and ninth graders who want to explore the world as it was in the past, The idea is to get them to travel back in time so they can get a better understanding of how humanity lived back then compared to the present lifestyles. They will explore the differences in terms of. transportation, communication, education, cooking, housing, clothing.  This webquest can be used with seventh graders too. in that case a special emphasis should be made on past simple.  A matching vocabulary game should be done to introduce the key phrases and vocabularies.   Instead of talking about the traditional games, they can create a poster talking about their parents' childhood memories.      They can practice talking about past habits by going to the following website:  For more advanced students, it would be great to get them to reflect about the impact these changes have had on humanity ( Essay, Debate).