Travelling to Japan


Japan is a tourism destiny searched a lot. It is a country with a very different culture, beautiful landscapes and it was the scene of historical events.


How to get in Japan?

Firstly, you will need a tourism visa. It is easy to get, you only will need to fill out an online form. Furthermore, you will need a valid passport, an arrival and departure flight and an itinerary.

The best time to go to Japan is spring, when the cherry blossoms bloom between April and May. However, autumn is also a good time, due to the mild temperatures.

There aren't direct flights from Brazil to Japan. You need to flight to North America or Europe to go to Japan.

Following the most common itinerary, your first city will be Tokyo.


You can arrive in Tokyo via Narita or Haneda airport.

You can visit Meiji Temple, Mori Art Museum, and Hamarikyu Gardens. Another option is a boat tour in Sumida River.

You can visit Omotesando, Aoyama, Nakamise Arcade, and Ginza district for shopping tours. At these places there are big brand fashion stores, small boutiques, and souvenirs stores. You must go to Cihoda or Akihabara for eletronic shopping.

There is the possibility to do tours in near cities such as Hakone. It is the region where Mount Fuji is located, an active volcano with a low risk of eruption.

There are some Ryokans in Hakone, where you can stay overnight. Ryokan is a typical Japanese inn, where Japanese food is served. Furthermore, guests sleep on futon beds on tatame there.