A Trip Through Slavery


Textbooks do not typically tell the truth when it comes to preserving their history or a sensitive topic. Slavery started many years ago when the Europeans came to the islands, but they forced the indigenous people to do the work because they were more suited for the outside environment. Slavery lasted up until 1848 but their was still form of it lingering. The purpose of this webquest is for you to get a meaningful understanding of slavery.   


Your task is to explore slavery in the Virgin Islands. Split yourself into three groups: St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John. You have been given a list of questions that you will need to answer as you indulge in the history. As an outcome, your groups should be able to present your findings. In the event that you find other important information that was not asked of you on the questionnaire, do not hesitate to put it as you could get additional points. Look up a picture of slavery that the group believes to portray a meaningful meaning. When finished, ask for the teacher's assistance to help you create a Augmented Reality.

  • Decide which group you want to go into. Make sure that the groups are as even as possible.
  • Create a cover page to attach to your questionnaires.
  • Find your way over to a computer with your group and questionnaire in hand.
  • Collectively research your island and decide who will say what.
  • Make sure to refer to the checklist to make sure you have the basic information.
  • Talk with your members about the information gathered and each member write a paragraph or two about your findings. .
  • Organize the information to be presented to the class as you head back to your seat
  • Arrange the papers as such; cover page, questionnaire, then the members paragraphs.
  • Present your findings to the class stating the top facts that you find most interesting and the rest of the information in the paragraphs.  
  • Each member is required to talk in order to receive a grade.

Use these websites to help you accomplish your webquest.










Image result for rubric for history project

Use this rubric to evaluate yourself before turning in the final product as a group.


Now that you have reach the end of the project, I hope that you have learned information about slavery that the textbook does  not explore. Always remember to do your own research so that you can make a conclusion that you can back up. I hope that you enjoyed this little project as it was meant to educate you on Slavery. Make sure that you have all the information and reflect upon what you have learned.