Trooping the Colour


Welcome to the Trooping the Colour WebQuest.

It is an online website where you can access information to this important tradition for the Queen's Birthday celebration.

Remember it's important to complete your Fact Sheet with the most important information presented here.

Let's move to the Task section.


You have to answer different questions about Trooping the Colour tradition.


1st. Take a piece of paper and a pen (for the draft).

2nd. Copy the 6 questions below (in the Process section).

3rd. Click on the first link and try to copy the most important information to answer the first question.

4th. Do the same for all the questions.

5th. Make sure you have all the important information.

6th. Think about how to create your Fact Sheet.

Suggestions: organise creatively your information and check that all 6 questions are answered!


What month is Trooping the Colour?:

What is the purpose of Trooping the Colour?:

Why is it called Trooping the Colour?:

How many soldiers, horses and musicians take part in the event?:

Where does the parade start and finish?:

How many years has Trooping the Colour happened?:




Well done! You have completed this WebQuest!

Once you have the information, use it to create your Fact Sheet!