Types of Clouds and associated precipitation


Hello, my lovely geographers, I hope that we are doing well today and are all in the mood for learning something new today as we venture into the types of clouds.

Throughout this WebQuest, you will be able to discover fun facts about three different types of clouds. By the end of this WebQuest, you will be able to complete the following questions:

1) What are the three main types of clouds?

2) Describe the difference between each of the cloud characteristics.

3) Give examples of each type of cloud.

4) Precipitation associated with each type of cloud.

Have a great time learning and remember to always have lots of fun.......!!!!!!


  • Students will be placed into groups of 3 as there are three main categories of clouds.
  • Each group will focus on one particular category of clouds.
  • The groups will do their research on their assigned cloud and find characteristics, examples, and precipitation associated with each cloud.

Step 1: The teacher will evenly place students into cooperative groups of 3.

Step 2: The teacher will assign each group a type of cloud high level, mid-level, or low-level clouds.

Step 3: Using the links below, the groups will set out to gather information on cloud characteristics, precipitation, and examples of each.





Step 4: Each group will create a simple table using a large cartridge paper with 4 headings type of cloud, examples of the type of cloud, main characteristics, and finally associated precipitation.

Cloud Category








Students will be given the freedom to choose a group leader who will assign the various task to group members to ensure the timely completion of the project. Students will also be graded for creativity as they may insert pictures or drawing within the table for better illustration as they see fit. 


This assignment will be graded out of 100, however in two aspects:

Individually: As the group leader will report any student who had been negligent in the creation of the table, students will be graded out of 10 based on how they co-operated within the group.

Group: A group will receive an overall grade out of 90 on how well they worked as a team, and also their creativity in making a simple chart appealing to the eyes.

number to letter grade conversion chart - Fanada


Hello guys, wasn't that fun and engaging? Congratulations on completing the task and I know that we all gave it our best effort.

How was it working together as a group?

Did it make the work easier?

write a short letter to a friend telling him or her, what you liked and what you disliked about working together as a group to complete this web quest.

- Have a beautiful day my geographers XOXO



Types of clouds and Characteristics:


Examples of each type of clouds:


Precipitation associated with each type:


Teacher Page

Throughout this WebQuest students will learn the beauty of working together as collaboration is integral in the world we live in. they will also be exposed to working independently to find information that is useful to their development without being spoon-fed by the teacher. This WebQuest should be quite an engaging one for the students and I am sure they will walk away with many lessons learned on collaboration.