Types of Nouns by Abigail Robertson


This WebQuest is created to inform its users about Nouns. Nouns are naming words given to a person, place, animal thing or an abstract idea. Types of nouns will be discovered in this WebQuest such as Collective, Proper, Common, Abstract, and Concrete. 

At the end of this session, students should be able to: (a) understand the importance of nouns, (b) use nouns effectively and (c) classify types of nouns.




Task 1: Students will define nouns

Task 2: List the types of nouns.

Task 3: define each types of nouns

Task 4: Give 2 examples of  each types of nouns listed above.


Step 1: You will click on the link below. This link will inform you as to what a noun is.



Students will make sentences using each noun.

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