Understanding Math Language


In this WebQuest you have the opportunity to practice mathematics for Grade 5. This Webquest will be a three day project. 

It is important to understand the language used in math to have a full understanding of what is being asked. Are we adding, subtracting, or multiplying? We are going to practice to have a better understanding of the basic concepts of counting. This will enable you to connect to the concept with real life situations. In the quest we will provide games to help you practice these skills in a fun way. We will also provide a scavenger hunt experience for you to do at home. For this WebQuest you will need to create an account or sign in using your google account when using these tools and websites. 

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Here is the Indiana State Standard for 5th grade Mathematics that we will be practicing: 

PS.6: Attend to Mathematically proficient students communicate precisely to others. They use clear definitions, including precision. correct mathematical language, in discussion with others and in their own reasoning. They state the meaning of the symbols they choose, including using the equal sign consistently and appropriately. They express solutions clearly and logically by using the appropriate mathematical terms and notation. They specify units of measure and label axes to clarify the correspondence with quantities in a problem. They calculate accurately and efficiently and check the validity of their results in the context of the problem. They express numerical answers with a degree of precision appropriate for the problem context.




You will be able to calculate multiplication and division, as well as more challenging addition and subtraction problems.

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Students, you will use websites to better prepare yourself for a class activity that involves math language and working through problems. 


Let's get started! Pick a partner or work in small groups. 

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First, you will go to BrainPop where you will listen to a lesson being taught by a teacher. You will go through this lesson while doing games and quizzes. This will give you practice on counting methods. Sign in using your google account you either created or already have. When you login click the tab that says 5th grade to get started. 


Second, you will go to Adaptive Math. This is another tool to use to help better your understanding in counting with games. It will gradually keep getting more difficult to get your mind opening up. You will eventually be able to understand counting like the back of your hand! Just like the BrainPop, login using your google account and make sure to do 5th grade math. 


Then, we will get together as a class to discuss. 




During class, we will have you get together as a whole group to discuss what was learned from these programs. 

Class sizes matters to learning, a teacher reflects



We will then do an activity as a class by splitting back into the groups and doing problems on whiteboards. Who ever wins a round gets a piece of candy for everyone in the small group. This is to prove that you understand the material. 


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Once you feel that you have had enough practice, take the test for this math unit. Follow this link to the quiz.



Congratulations, YOU DID IT! 

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Now, you have learned the material on the mathematic language and counting. You will be able to practice your skills at anytime using theses websites. 


For homework, you will be doing a scavenger hunt provided on Adaptive Math or a scavenger hunt worksheet.  

You will do a scavenger hunt at home for homework that has to do with counting in mathematics! After you spend a night doing this scavenger hunt at home, we will go over this hunt during class the following day. Be prepared to share!! 

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