Understanding various art styles 7th Grade


INTRO: The year is 1985 and there is a need for upcoming style artist in Nashville, Tennessee. People are looking at various kinds of art ranging from abstract, realism, impressionism and so much more. Being able to identify each and every art style is a must when capturing and creating new art trends here in Nashville. Your task as a new artist would be to view artists styles and to be able to identify what each styles are and incorporate that to your own style to create a precious work of art that would be the new talk.


For this project we will be working in groups of 4. Each student sticks to learning Realism, Pop Art, Abstract, and Surrealism. Each student will be expected to know the definition and provide an example of what each of those styles look like. 

Each student will then draw/paint the same picture into their assigned style and put them up together next to each other creating the image into four different art styles and will be displayed to the front of the class for evaluation. 


this process includes providing students with oil paint, (for better blending to capture each different art style) and a blank canvas that has been gessoed by the teacher for best results. Students will be given a print out of the picture the students has chosen for their group, and for students to provide information on why they chose the artist and their artwork for this assignment. For the task to be accomplished, students must understand their assigned style and to be able to perform it onto the project. 

                                                                         1                                                        2                                                      3


Understanding of Abstract, Realism, Surrealism, and Pop Art styles Did not fully understand the concepts or the styles provided  Learned somewhat about their objected art style and attempted to replicate Excellent understanding of art style and implemented it strongly
Created a group designed combined canvas to show understanding of their style role  Canvas didn't provide style differing art and was poorly executed.  Showed some understanding of the topic but did not complete the different style look fully. Each student showed creativity and dedicated work to their role to combine a distinct art piece. 
Great craftsmanship and artist credit  Students didn't provide artist background nor applied craftmanship Students gave brief artist background and created an average work of art  Students gave great detail to artist background and you can see artist style through their work



Well done! Each of you were able to come together to figure out the latest art trends here in Nashville, Tennessee! You learned and were able to develop those styles of art into your own ideas! Each of your work now contains various and trendy art styles and shows each diversity to be able to grab the attention of any viewer!

Teacher Page

Students will be able to create a project designed to show what each style of art would look like realism, surrealism, abstract, and pop art. next to each other on canvas.