The Understandings Behind “Blindness”


     Blindness is a novel written by Jose Saramago that depicts a blindness epidemic that strikes the whole world. This epidemic influences peoples’ behaviors depending on whether they are susceptible to the virus, or immune to it. There are many themes to this book, but what we are looking for is the main one hidden behind all the given messages.


     In this webquest, your goal is to depict the main overall theme to the novel: Blindness. By following the steps and procedures, you will be able to find the true meanings behind the book. Watch the following videos, read the passages provided, and answer questions based on those videos and passages to obtain a better understanding of the theme.


Step 1:

     Read the following passage and answer the questions provided.

1. What is one of the most predominant themes in Blindness?

2. In the novel, munch is expressed about human nature. Blindness presents a relatively...?

3. What did the doctor mean when he said at the end about being blind didn’t change a thing?

Step 2:

     Watch the following video about the novel and discuss the following questions.


1. After watching the video, what are your thoughts about the true meaning behind the book?

2.  According to the video, what is Blindness about?

3. After listening to the video, what can you infer about what kind of novel Blindness is?

Step 3:

     Read the following excerpt and answer the questions provided.

1. What was the intention of Saramago when writing Blindness?

2. What are two main hardships that not only stand out in the book, but also in the modern world?


     Students will be evaluated on precise answers given that correlate to the given information throughout the quest. Anything that is unrelated or off-topic to the provided links will be seen as incorrect. Opinionated questions, however, are solely based on the student’s thoughts or ideals on the subject; therefore, there are no wrong answers.


     Now that you have gone through and answered questions correlating to the text and videos provided, you should have a much better understanding on the main themes of  “Blindness.” With more research; however, more knowledge can be obtained on this particular topic. Depicting the main themes should be no challenge whatsoever now that you have all the needed information to continue your studies. Below are more links to which you can find more information on the novel.