Unfunded public schools


The unmet need that I found was unfunded public schools for African Americans. There are several possible explanations for this phenomenon. Still, the most likely reason is that African American communities have been historically disadvantaged and have not had the same access to resources as other communities. This has led to a vicious cycle in which African American communities cannot generate the same tax revenue as other communities. As a result, their public schools receive less funding. There are several potential solutions to this problem. Still, one of the most promising is for African American communities to advocate for themselves and demand more resources from their local, state, and federal government representatives. Another solution is for philanthropic organizations to direct more resources towards African American public schools. However, it is essential to note that simply providing more resources will not be enough to close the achievement gap between African American students and their peers; it is also necessary to address the underlying causes of underperformance, such as poverty and racism. 


Research and reflections on African-Americans' experiences in schools


Why are African American schools underfunded ?

both economic and racial has been long linked to differences in test scores and educational opportunities in public education. In districts that are more segregated, systems may be providing unequal educational opportunities to white and Black students.

Why aren't African Americans students achieving?

Black, Latino, and low-income students are falling further behind than their peers because of unequal access to reliable internet and computers, and less learning time with their teachers and peers.


I propose to meet this need by securing funding from the government and other sources. Political Cartoon: Studying equality in school funding


I will also recruit and train staff to work in the schools. Six Cartoon People Work Sitting Table Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 228767062  | Shutterstock


I will budget the schools to have enough money to meet their needs.Image result for cartoon picture of money


I will also put an organizational chart to ensure that the schools are run efficiently. 24 Cartoon Of A Organization Chart Illustrations & Clip Art - iStock


Several policies and laws contribute to underfunding public schools in African American communities. One of the most significant is the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), which requires states to test all students in grades 3-8 and once in high school in math and reading (Close et al., 2018)

No Child Left Behind Act timeline | Timetoast timelines



There are several things that I can do to help address the unmet need of underfunded African American public schools. One of the essential things that can be done is to advocate for more funding for these schools. This can be done by contacting representatives and speaking out about the issue. Raising awareness about the issue can also bring more attention and funding to these schools. Supporting organizations that are working to address this issue can also be helpful. I can do other multiple things that include; contacting my local representatives and voicing my concerns about the lack of funding for African American public schools and donating to or volunteering with organizations that are working to close the funding gap for these schools. Also, I can raise awareness about this issue through social media or other channels and work with students and families in African American communities to ensure they have the resources they need to succeed in school.