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You are looking for a job in England! the Idea is that you choose a career and create a CV using the necessary information. It is important that you choose and write wisely your CV, because once you show your CV to the employer, you´ll probably get a job or not. It depends on you.


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As you are looking for a job in a different country, in this case England, you will have to create a CV using all the elements that this requires. Firstly, you will need to learn how to write a CV in order to understand all the segments that this needs to have. 

your end goal is to show that you are the indicate person to get that job. be prepare for the next activity, which is a job interview.


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-Individual task.

Step one.

Look for information about different majors, read them and choose the one you like the most.

Step two.

Once you´ve chosen one major, click the next link( https://www.wikihow.com/Write-a-CV-(Curriculum-Vitae) which will lead you to a webpage that has information about how to write CVs.

Step three

Prepare a draft of your CV with all the information it needs.

Step four

Now that you have accomplished to understand all the elements needed for your cv, write down one in a google drive document, and share it with your teacher.


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step one

Student completed 
detailed notes about the major they liked the most.
Student completed some notes about the major they like the most. Student didn't complete notes about a major.

step two

Student took detailed notes of every element that they need to write a CV. Student took notes of different elements that they need to write a CV. Student did not take notes of any element that they need to write a CV.

step three

Student wrote a complete draft of his CV. Student wrote a draft of his CV. Student did not write a CV.

step four

Student finished a detailed and completed CV. Student finished a half-made CV. Student did not finish a CV.



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Congrats! You've completed the quest!


By completing this quest there will be proved that students have basic knowledge  about how to  identify personal information and that they know about different jobs. Moreover, it will be checked abilities vocab and simple past since Ss will write about their previous work experiences.  This activity will help them to prepare themselves for their future when they look for jobs.


This webquest was created by Daniela Alegria and Wilson Aguilera for UCSC's English pedagogy ICT course

May 20, 2020

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The information in order to create this task was taken from the Curriculum Nacional de Primero Medio.-