Unit 3 Decimals Pre Teach


Who wants to watch Youtube and Play games during a math lesson?

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Well by finishing this WebQuest you will get to do just that!

By the time you complete this WebQuest, you will...

1. Read and write decimals in three different formats. 

2. Be able to round to the nearest Ones, Tenth, and Hundredth place

3. Place decimals in a numerical order. 

4. Determine if decimals are greater than, less than or equal to each other.

5. Add and subtract decimals.


You will begin a journey of knowledge that involves watching youtube, playing games, and listening to music. These activities will help you get a better understanding of the section we are about in math, we are doing these activities so you will be ahead of the game. 

Along the way, you might run into some words that might be new so keep your eye out for them! Words like: decimals, rounding, standard form, word form, expanded form, and many many more.



First, you will read the directions on what to do.
Next, follow the steps in the process section of the WebQuest

Finally, do the worksheet and turn it back into Miss. Evan

Time to get to work!

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IMPORTANT: if at any point in your journey, if you feel you need assistance, please feel free to raise your hand and ask for help, watch the suggested previous videos, and/or play games again to practice and be successful!



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Part 1 Step 1 Place Value This video will is just to refresh you memory

If while you are watching this video and already know what place video is go ahead and skip to step 2.

 Part 1 Step 2 Decimal Place Value This video will help you with question one the first and second column

Part 1 Step 3 Writing Fractions in Expanded form This video will help you with question one the third column



Part 2 Rounding Decimals This Meme and game will help you with question 2

When you are rounding any number remember...