UNIT 4- A house with history


IES N°4 Introductory Course 

Unit 4 coursebook "Insight" Pre-intermediate Student´s Book and Workbook by Wildan J. and Beddall F. 2014- Oxford University Press.

San Salvador de Jujuy is a city with a lot of history. Therefore it is common that people don´t know some of the most famous historical houses of the province. Before reading the text "A house with hitory" on page 48 and 49 respectively, watch the video 

guess what the topic is going to be. Then in groups of two or three students think and answer the following questions.

a) What historical houses do you know from Jujuy?

b)Do you know when they were built?

c)Did you visited them? 

d) Do you remember how many rooms they have?


The task will be divided into two parts:

  1.  In the same group, compare one historical house of Jujuy with one world famous historic house that you know. Write a short article, at least one complete side of paper. 

Consider the following points

  • When they were built
  • Where these houses are
  • How many rooms they have
  • The sizes of the houses
  • Other details that you consider are important.
  1. Then be ready to create your own short podcast. Using your previous written article, make a short video ,at least two minutes of length. You can use different apps to edit your video such as Inshot, CupCut, TikTok, and so on. Use your imagination to make it interesting.

Process and resources 

  • Search some podcasts and reflect on how you can create one shorter article about famous historical houses.
  • Reflect on the apps you need to keep working on.
  • Use different features such as adding photos, music, effects, a record of your faces,etc.
  • Upload your video in the group of Whatsapp in order to share the presentation with your classmates.


  • Use phrasal verbs as you need them.


Each group will present what they have prepared. The rest of the groups will have to listen, be prepared to ask questions, clear out doubts and give feedback.

Report/analysis and practice phase:

  1. Listen to each other 
  2. Select language that need to be improved.
  3. Share comments, reflect, give feedback to each other.


Answer the following questions

  1. What have you learnt?
  2. What do you need to keep on working on linguistically?
  3. Did you like working in pairs? Why?
  4. Did you feel that it was difficult to manage the apps that you used? 

You, as new students in the matter of English and tech friendly, show us each day that you want to improve. And we as teachers valorate your efforts, if you have any trouble on how to edit your videos let us know. We will be glad to help you. 


Unit 4 coursebok "Insight" Pre-intermediate Student´s Book and Workbook by Wildan J. and Beddall F. 2014- Units 1 to 5 - Oxford University Press.

Supporting Learners in learning how to learn "Didáctica específica 2" Student's book by Lic. Eva Verónica Sivila 2023 - IES N°4 Profesorado de Inglés.

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