United States Federal Government


Students in this lesson will be able to determine rules, regulations, and responsibilities of the federal government. 

If you have ever asked yourself, "How are laws created and who enforces them?" "Where do all our taxes go?" "What rights do we have under the constitution?" then you'll be able to answer them on your own at the end of this lesson! 

Brody Jossart


Each group when finished with this lesson will have a visual representation of the federal government. 

Groups will know all the basic functions and the basic outline of the three branches of the federal government. 

Groups will know specific jobs, rules, regulations and responsibilities for each branch. 


Students will be divided up into three groups already predetermined by myself (teacher). 

1. Executive Branch

2. Legislative Branch

3. Judicial Branch


Each group is responsible for the following items:

1. A detailed description of their branch

2. What role is the branch responsible for in the "Checks and Balances" system?

Executive Branch must answer the following:

1. Who leads this branch and how are they elected? How long are the terms? Are there any other requirements to be a part of this branch?

2. What is the role of the "cabinet" and how many positions are there? How are they selected?

3. What are some of the overall responsibilities of the branch?

Legislative Branch must answer the following: 

1. Who controls the House and who controls the Senate? How are they elected? How long are the terms? Are there any requirements to be in these positons?

2.  Explain the responsibilites of this branch.

3. Name our two senators and how many local representatives do we have? Which one represents our city or town?

Judicial Branch must answer the following:

1. How many members of the court system are there and how are they appointed? What does that process look like? How long do they serve?

2. Who leads this branch?

3. Explain the responsibilities of this branch. 


Students may find all of this information here: 

Now that you've researched all of this information, be prepared to share it with the class and then take notes on the other group's branches. At the end of the next class we will be making flow charts putting all this information together!