The Unthinkable Happens to the Unsinkable


You and your family are so excited to be traveling on the maiden voyage of The Titanic. It is being heralded as the unsinkable ship. You are floating across the Atlantic to the United States to begin living your ultimate dream.


Your job is to research the Titanic and learn about the ship, its crew, its maiden voyage, and its passengers. You will then choose one passenger to learn about their life and find out if they were a survivor.


The first step in this project is to learn about the ship:

What was its name?

Where was it built?

Where would it travel from and where would it dock at the end of its travels?

When would it leave its port and then when would it arrive at its destination port?

Who was the captain? What did you learn about him?


Find a passenger and become that passenger. Tell me all you have learned about that person & then let me know if they survived or perished.


You will type a report of your findings with a


Picture of the ship & the passenger,

Research (information you learned).

This will then be crumpled up several times, have the edges of the paper torn, & then be tea-stained.


We will reflect on your research & discuss what could have been changed/done to alter the outcome.