US Map Challenge


How well do you know the 50 states' locations on the U.S. map?

Can you name them all?

Well practice makes perfect, so get ready to practice until you can label a U.S. map perfect.  You will be able to label a U.S. Map in less than 5 minutes and have a lot of fun practicing.


In this Web quest, your goal will be to name all 50 states on the U.S. map.


Go to this website and try the map quiz until you can label all fifty states in less than 5 minutes.

Simply click on the name of the state that the quiz has highlighted in blue, if you choose the correct state name the state turns green on the map and you choose the correct state name for the next blue highlighted state on the map.  Complete all 50 before the 5 minute timer runs out.  You should try to practice a few times under 5 minutes before moving on to the evaluation.



Go to this website

Write the name of each state, neatly, on the map. Capitalize correctly.


Congratulations!!! You now know your way around all 50 states on the U.S. Map!!!!  Practice this Web quest once every month to keep the information fresh so you will always know your way!