Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day or “Day of love” is celebrated around the world on February 14th. Many Western and Eastern cultures dedicate a special day of expressing love.  However, these two continents are different in the aspect of expressing love. Let's see how different they are.


Work in a group of five and analyze the history of Valentine's Day in Western and Eastern. Then, compare and contrast the differences and similarities between the two continents. Finally, present your information to the class.


A. Read a Valentine’s Day history from two different continents, you may select two countries (one from Western and one from Eastern).

B. Link for the information;

                      Valentine’s Day in Western

                      Valentine's Day in Eastern

C. Take note in the following elements;

  • Meaning
  • Country
  • Day
  • Name
  • Activity
  • The origin

D. Add summary note-taking and compare and contrast two countries from different continents then, create the comparison table on the last page of Microsoft PowerPoint.

E. Create ten questions about two different countries on “Plickers”.

F. Present your work on "PowerPoint" and conduct the questions on “Plickers” to the class.

  • Each word equals two points and twenty points in total.
  • You have to gain ten points to pass and gain eighteen points to get an extra reward.

After you study Valentine's Day of these two different continents, you will understand how different people express love to other people and how different activities they have on Valentine's Day. Finally, prepare your presentation and Plickers to present to the class in the next session.