Value Added Tax


The above video is an explanation  of what is a Value added Tax  and how to calculate the vat


Outcomes  for VAT lesson 

1.What is VAT stand for 

2. understand output tax and input tax 


The video is a 7.34 minutes  and the video is a bout the Value added Tax.

Compilation task  :

1.Examples of items that are being charged for the vat 

2. VAT categories.

Link to access the video :​ ​​ ​​ ​



MR Khumalo is a mathematics teacher who makes a lot of money in charging fees for extra maths lessons. he accept only cash, not cheques, and he does not issue receipts .He brags that he does not pay SARS cannot catch him for tax evation. he charges VAT on his fees, but he is not a registered vendor.


1.1 what is the difference  between tax evansion and tax avoidance?

1.2 mention any three types of taxes levied?

1.3 why are some goods zero reted?




1.Read the scenario carefully and answer the following questions.

2.your answers must in words 

3. click the link to assist  you answering some of the questions.



Item description                                   ( marks)

1. accessed all the provided links         ( 5)

2.answered all questions                      (5)