Vaping and Smoking


Hello, and welcome to the WebQuest. This quest will be focusing on cigarette and e-cigarettes! You may work with a partner if you like. Follow directions and complete all the tasks below and your own piece of paper. When you are done, crumble it up and try to make it into the basket in middle of the room. This is work 30 points. 





List 3 things you know about cigarettes:


Use the following link to answer the next 3 questions

1) What is tobacco?

2) What are the 3 different ways people use tobacco?

3) What are 5 health effects from using tobacco?


Use this link to answer the next few questions  

1) Do men or women use tobacco at a higher rate? What is the difference in percentages?

2) Why do men use tobacco more


Click "How many adolescents use tobacco?" on the left side of the link. 

3) What percentage of 12th graders used cigarettes in the past month?


Click "What is the scope of tobacco use and its costs to society?" on the left side of the link. 

4) Who is most at risk of using tobacco? 

5) Fill in the blank: "If current smoking rates continue, ________ Americans who are currently younger than 18 will die prematurely from smoking-related disease.







List 3 things you know about e-cigarettes or vaping.


Use this link to answer the following questions

1) What are e-cigarettes? (How are they different than cigarettes? What are they made up of?)

2) How do e-cigarettes work?

3) What are some other names they are known by?

4) What are some ingredients in an e-cigarette aerosol?

5) What are 3 health risks to youth?

6) How many middle and high school students have used e-cigarettes in the past 30 days?

7) What percentage of adult e-cigarette users have never smoked cigarettes? Why is this relevant?



Risks and more:

Use your own research and resources to answer the following questions. Keep track of what resources you use.

1) Why do people use e-cigarettes?

2) What is second-hand smoke?

3) How does second-hand smoke affect youth?

4) What are some conditions associated with smoking or tobacco use? What about using e-cigarettes?