In this activity students will learn what is verbs .

* What is a Verb? When people begin learning the English language, one of the first things they are taught is the definition of verb. In fact, sentences can’t be considered complete without including at least one verb. However, it gets trickier to analyze verb’s definition and answer basic questions like what is a verb, what is a verb phrase, etc. Another definition of verb requires us to look at verbs as the heart of the sentence, without which, a sentence’s central meaning would be lost.



1.Define and identify verbs

2.Understand the use of verbs

3.Create a scenario that depicts their knowledge about verbs through a simulation 


I will first begin with a greetings, motivation, and before the class starts i will remind them to follow the rules .

1. Sit properly 

2.Listen and behave

3.Participate in class discussion

4.Speak English 

After that i will begin the lesson proper and discussion.


I will give an activity to students to estimate their gained knowledge and learnings . After that i will give them an assignment about the lesson .

Direction: Encircle the verbs in the sentence below.

1.We watch the movies on Friday.

2.My dog barks at cars.

3.She walks to school.

4.Madison skips down the hall

5.The frog hops on the ground.



I will end my discussion by ensuring that I effectively delivered my lesson to the students