Vertebrates and Invertebrates


                                Hello kids!

            Welcome to the discovery world!

 Are you ready to explore together animals who are belong to vertebrates and invertebrates?

             If you are in, click the task below.


Compare the following words:

1. Vertebrates-

2. Invertebrates-

Identify the given animals below whether it is an invertebrates or vertebrates. Write your answer in a piece of paper (1/4)

1. Jellyfish-

2. Worms-

3. Fish-

4. Bird-

5. Starfish- 


 As soon as you are done, we'll go on to the next tab. The PROCESS tab. 



Yehey! You are done in the first task, you were able to compare and identify the difference between verebrates and invertebrates. By clicking the links below, surely it will widen your understanding at the same time it will help you identify animals whether it is vertebrates and invertebrates.



Did you learn something? 

Okay, let's test your learning.

Must follow instructions:

1. Click the link below.

2. While watching the video, jot down the different animals seen in the video.

3. Identify if whether the animal is Invertebrates and Vertebrates.

4. Write your answers in a sheet of paper.

Job well done KIDS! You finished the tasks. You can now compare and identify vertebrates and invertebrates. Keep up the good work kids☆