Vertebrates and Invertebrates Animals


Hello kids. Do you want to see small, big and lovely animals?

Come with me and let's have an adventure to Animal Kingdom.


In this WebQuest, you will learn the characteristics of vertebrate and invertebrate animals and how they differ from each other.

Now, let's start our adventure.


You are task to follow the steps or instructions and answer the prepared activities.

As you go along the way you will learn many things and facts about vertebrate and invertebrate animals.



STEP 1: You want to know more about vertebrate and Invertebrate Animals? 

               What are you waiting for? Click this link below to view the video. And I will just wait here.





STEP 2: Glad you're back! We have more adventures for you.

               And now, you are going to take an adventure that can test your knowledge.

               Are you ready?

               Alright! click the link below to answer the quiz.






At last, we arrived at our last  adventure.

To test if you have learned throughout our adventure, click this link below:


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