Video Explainer


Overall, mostly you know the principles of making a good explainer video, today, let me give you a little hint on what I have been doing over the years!

In your video, you can stray a little from that white foundation in your whiteboard video with dark marker illustrations…but it's a great opportunity for you if you include a few colors.

Not all that much colors, just Keep in mind about the adjustment of the colors and keeping I balanced throughout the video. It’s not tied in with making a full shading video (But for full shading, just in case, you can utilize full colors in another kind of explainer video that is similar to a cartoon type video). What I’m trying to say here is, with highlighting a few sections of your messages with a smidgen of shading, your whiteboard video explainer can become more attractive to the audience.

If you pick your brand’s color, obviously, you get extra focus! However, do add some of the key colors to make your brand or message look good in the video.