Vietnam Web Quest (2021)


This quest walk you through the Vietnam Era & the key events. The goal is to not only provide you with the content, but to get you to think about why this war was so controversial and continues to have an impact on the United States even today.

Include all of the task, process, & evaluation work on one document and submit it to google classroom for credit.

*Be aware that there are some graphic images.



1. Visit The History Channel main page for the Vietnam War.

2. Select at least one of the following to explore (take notes):

    - Khe Sanh

    - Cu Chi Tunnels

    - Operation Rolling Thunder

    - Agent Orange 

    - Weapons of the Vietnam War


1. Visit the History Channel link above about the Pentagon Papers, view the short clip, & read the article.

2. Answer the following questions (answer each in 2-3 sentences):

    - Why did the Pentagon Papers create a turning point in the views of the American public?

    - If  you were a young adult at this time, would you think that the Pentagon Papers were as significant as history has made them?


 1. View the video in the link above about the Pentagon Papers.

2. How does is the video explanation similar and different from the History Channel? (Type II)



Include the following in a reflection 1 page paper:

1. Why is Vietnam such a complex war and era to study?

2. How did the television access and public opinion play a role in the Vietnam Era?

3. What part of your exploration really stayed with you?



Include all of the task & process work on one document and submit it to google classroom for credit.


Don't forget MLA citations were necessary.