What is Gentrification?



"Gentrification is a general term for the arrival of wealthier people in an existing urban district, a related increase in rents and property values, and changes in the district's character and culture. The term is often used negatively, suggesting the displacement of poor communities by rich outsiders. But the effects of gentrification are complex and contradictory, and its real impact varies.

Many aspects of the gentrification process are desirable. Who wouldn't want to see reduced crime, new investment in buildings and infrastructure, and increased economic activity in their neighborhoods? Unfortunately, the benefits of these changes are often enjoyed disproportionately by the new arrivals, while the established residents find themselves economically and socially marginalized.

Gentrification has been the cause of painful conflict in many American cities, often along racial and economic fault lines. Neighborhood change is often viewed as a miscarriage of social justice, in which wealthy, usually white, newcomers are congratulated for "improving" a neighborhood whose poor, minority residents are displaced by skyrocketing rents and economic change."



Through internet research & some guided questions, you will begin to come to your own conclusion for the question:

Is gentrification bad?

Do your best to keep an open mind as you conduct your research. This search will help you create a fact-based opinion.



You will use the computers to research and formulate opinions on the idea, "Is gentrification bad?" Use a sheet of lined paper to record your answers to the prompts/questions below. Be sure to include the number for each.


1. Take a look at the before and after photos of NYC storefronts. How are the store fronts gentrifying? Click here. (3-4 sentences)

2. Look at the list of top 11 signs your "hood" is gentrifying. What are some significant ways gentrifying is changing neighborhoods? Click Here. (3+ sentences)

3. Read some of the pro/con responses to the prompt: "Is gentrification bad?" Make  your own pro/con list. You need to find at least 5 good pros and 5 good cons. Then write 2 paragraphs (5-7 sentences each) about how you feel about gentrification. Answer the question "Is Gentrification Bad?" Make sure you have good reasons. 

Articles to help with assignment are below. Do your own research, as well!


4. Find examples 






Read through the two websites above-mentioned and choose a hood. Watch video and collect people's reaction. As a  preparation for our debate, make a poster out of the pros and cons of gentrification. (2 to 3 sentences' paragraphs, signed  by the author, hood). Finally, add your opinion at the end. 


By now, you have an research-backed idea on how gentrification impacts your community and you as an individual.

We will continue to learn more about this important social change over the next several weeks.

Start watching the web series Season 1. Make a summary of each episode and collect new words and expressions.



Adapted from and By J. Travers 2018 and C. Gouriou 2020