HPE Tasks


A health fad is something that people take and use on themselves that supposedly makes them healthier or stronger.


Task A is about: Naming 5 Health Fads and describing what kinds of things people use for the health fads.


Task B is about: write 7 questions about 3 health fads.


Task C is about: research one of your health fads that has cause serious injury or death.


Task D is about:


Task E is about:


Health Fad


bee venom diet:

 People get repeated and controlled injections of bee venom to reduce the severity of their alergys to bee venom.

Tape worm diet:

 People eat pills given to them by their doctor and when the pill dissolves the tapeworm eats the fat inside the human and when the person has reached their target weigh they get the tapeworm removed.

 Margarine fad:

 People used to think margarine was better than butter so they used it but later on scientists found out that margarine has a lot of chemicals in so people switched back to butter.

 Atkins diet:

 This is a low carbohydrate diet still in use today.

 Breatharian diet:

 People survive on nothing but the forces of nature (apparently).

Atkins Diet:

q1: It's promoted through commercials, books, magazines.

Q2: http://youtu.be/aGbI2lafiVk

Q3: Because there is a celebrity in the commercial; its an advertisement about losing weight.

Q4: This advertisement would be pointless for people who don't know who the celebrity is or they have no need to lose weight.

Q7: High protein + low carbohydrates can mean that people are at risk for heart disease.

2. Breatharian diet:

Q1: For cult leaders to ask their followers to join the trend.

Q2: I'm sorry I couldn't find any advertisements on Breatharianism.

Q3: This works for people trying to get others to join the trend because the people trying to persuade them are highly regardedmspiritual leaders.

Q4: it's a little bit unsuccessful because some don't have any spiritual leaders and it sounds a bit weird for logical people.

Q7: You have a VERY high risk of dying.

3. Tape Worm Diet:

Q1. This fad is old and the way they advertised was they hung posters around the town.


Q3. It says you can stay thin and eat all you want.

Q4. Since tape worms taste so bad they cause vomiting, stomach pains and explosive diarrhoea.

Q7. When you have a tape worm inside you it causes vomiting and stomach pains as well as diarrhoea.

Q5: Atkins because it is less dangerous.

Q6: I would be least likely to try the Breatharian Diet Since theres a High chance you might die!



Health Fad

 Breatharian Diet

Person (Name, Age, Gender, photo)

 Lani Morris, 53YRs,  Female

Duration of Health Fad

 She thought she could survive on 'Prana' (the natural forces of the universe And ended up being paralysed down the whole right side of her body and was found dead on the floor of her caravan.

Reason for going on Health Fad

 She wanted to find inner peace


 Parilisation and death.

Did the Health Fad achieve what it claimed in any way?

 No they were supposed to survive with no food.

Details of other similar cases

there are very few cases of people dying Because of this diet but that's because they quit 'before' they die.



Health Fad

Tape Worm Diet

Person (Name, Age, Gender, photo)

 Sherry Fuller, 40Yrs, Female

Duration of Health Fad

 Tape worms started to tunnelling into her brain and she almost died.

Reason for going on Health Fad

 She wanted to lose weight


 She started having headaches, and seizures.

Did the Health Fad achieve what it claimed in any way?

 Yes she lost a little bit of weight.

Details of other similar cases

 Tape worms can tunnel any-where in the body once they have entered the body intentionally or un-intentionally.

HPE Mini Report:

Fad 1: Sun/Tan Addiction

The types of people that use this fad and why: Ussually women because a lot of women, not all of them, like to sun bake for a tan or go to a tanning booth.

Side Affects of this Fad: Sun Damage And Cancer and also inhibits the immune system.

Interesting Facts About this Fad: If you are a sun addict then you will probably have a lot of sun damage and sun damage can cause premature ageing which is when you get fine lines and wrinkles early on in life. Sun damage can also cause Cancer Easily. this fad is not good for you. It may help looks a little bit but your risking your life just for darker skin.




Fad 2: Phetermine Pills

The types of people who use this fad and why: People who would use this fad are people who want to lose weight for the purpose of losing weight.

Side affects of this fad are: 

Sleep Deprivation, Anger, Heart Problems and Nausia to the point of fainting.

Interesting facts about this fad are: You are only supposed to have these pills once a day for three months. in some cases workers from the clinics that sell this drug don't tell you about side affects. Some people have had prescriptions for this drug for 9 months when the clinic is supposed to stop the prescription at 3 months.




Task E:




In conclusion never try health fads. They get Celebraties to go on there diets so that people will go on them. Dont put yourself at risk by using these health fads.