Health Fads


A health fad is a craze that regular people, celebraties and policticians and many other people take up for a short period of time. The word fad means "A temporary fashion, notion, manner of conduct, etc., especially one followed enthusiastically by a group." So you probaly are already thinking of some health fads arent you? Now enough of my babbling and onto this assignment.

I must find out some of the lies and myths some companys use to get us to buy there products.

And lastly I must complete 6 tasks (That is also including conclusion) to tell my classmates about my discoveries.

Definition of Health fad: a health fashion that is taken up for a brief period of time. 


Task A: is about naming and describing several different health Fads. In a table in the process section.

Task B: I must select three health fads from Task A. I must then answer seven questions, in full sentences, for each of the three fads I selected.

Task C: Using research I must find examples of cases that Health Fads have cause serious injury or even killed people.

Task D: I have to create a mini report about Dangerous Fads a short video made by Dr Phil.

Task E: I must find pictures of three famous people who have attempted a health fad. I must then create a chain diagram that connects the famous person to the particular fad they attempted and then also to the nagative side effects of that fad.



Task A:

Health Fad


 “Oxygenated” water

'Oxygenated water' claimed to detoxify blood, enhance sports performance, and improve heart and muscle functions. Obviously, it became a craze among sportspersons.

 Tape Worms

 A less efficient digestive system means that you can consume more calories since your 'guest' is also using them.

 Ear Candling or Ear Coning

 A long hollow tapering cone of muslin coated with wax is inserted into the ear and lit to create a "vacuum".


 Its believers claimed food and water are not necessary and humans can survive only on prana (the vital life force) and sunlight.


Atkins Diet


This is a low or no carbohydrate diet that is still in use! It was developed in 1972 and has been popular for a long long time.

Task B:

1. Tape Worms: It is a very old fad and was promoted through posters hung at chemists and were found in magazines. Breatherianism: By cult leaders trying to get there followers to join in the trend.


(Website for a company selling Oxygenated Water products)


An old add commonly used in pharmacys all over the western world.

3. Tapeworms: Beacause people will start thinking "I like those big signs and i think they might work for me." Atkins Diet:  It is promoted through:books,magazine articles and  television commercials celebraties also try it do I think peoplewould get attracted to it.

4. Because people might see what happens after people have done these Fads so they might deter people away from the fads. Like people who are looking at Tapeworm diet might think "Eww i have to eat a parasite to get thin!!". Also the Atknis diet eating fatty foods to get thin that just doesnt make sense!!

5. 1. Probaly Oxygenated water because its the least disgusting Fad and all you have to do is drink air from a can!! 2. Grapefruit diet because it pretty easy to do. You only have to eat grapefruit for an amount of days and then your finished. 3. I would like to try Zumba because you get to do awesome dance moves while getting fit!

6. 1. Definitly the Tape Worm diet because it can give you vomiting, diarrhoea and stomach pains!! 2. Breatherianism becasue its a cult and im a christian. Also because its just strange not eating and drinking except for "Prana" and "Sunlight" you evantully lose movement to most of your body and than DIE!!! 3. Ear Candling/Coning Becuase it can lead to severe headaches, ear infections, ringing in the ears and dizziness.

7. 1. TapeWorms: Really eating a parasite to get thin?!?! Tapw worms can cause diarrhoea, vomiting and a whole lot of other nastys things! 2. Ear Candling/Coning: This strange method of getting ear wax and other things out can lead to severe headaches ringing in your ear and lots of other nasty thing. 3. Breatherianism: You have to join a cult to get into a health fad when most of the time you end up dying!? Just doesnt make sense!

Task C:

Health Fad

 Atkins Diet

Person (Name, Age, Gender,  photo)

Date:22.09.1999. Place: Scotland.

Name: Varity Linn. Age: 49

Duration of Health Fad


17 Weeks

Reason for going on Health Fad


To lose weight 'the easy way'



No Nutrition which lead to heart disease.

Did the Health Fad achieve what  it claimed in any way?


Yes he did lose the amount of weight he wanted. But sadly passed away due to heart disease. Due to lack of nutrtion. 

Details of other similar cases


Date: ?.3.1997 Name: Timo Degan. Age: 31 Place: Germany


Health Fad


Person (Name, Age, Gender,  photo)

 Name: Lani Morris. Age: 53. Gender: Female. Died: 1999

Duration of Health Fad

11 Days


Reason for going on Health Fad


To join there silly religion religion.



Loss of arm and leg movement, Incontinence, Vomiting, dehydration and kidney failure.

Did the Health Fad achieve what  it claimed in any way?

 No she died when the fad PROMISED life without food water or liquid!

Details of other similar cases


No other cases of death because most people give up because of hearing of other people DYING!

Task D: The Video, Dangerous Fads (From Dr Phill), includes a health fad called Phentermine.This fad is a pill that you swallow which makes your body feel sooo full that you don't as much  food to make you overwieight. Another Fad on the video is tanning beds. A Tanning bed is designed for one person to lie in a tube like thing (the tanning bed) as artefecial UV rays are sent out to tan your body.  Phentermine Pill Tanning BedStephanie one of the guests on the show, went on the Phentermine diet because she was overweight and didnt like her apperance. Erin and Ashleigh two other guests on the show, went the Tanning bed fad because they wanted their skin to look darker and more attractive because they wanted a better "Love life". All these lovely ladies went on these fads at the cost of fainting, skin cancer and many many other different side effects.When you go on a Tanning Bed place there are side effects such as sun damage, premature aging, melonoma and skin cancer (espicially if you are under the age of 35), it also can damage the immune system and plastic surgery may be needed. Stephanie told Doctor Phill that when she was on the Phentermine Pill, she experienced dizziness (she had to stop herself from fainting some times), some nights she hardly got any sleep, she felt dizzy, she got headaches, her heart would race, which all in all made her worried and scared. Task E: HPE Task E



In conclusion I have learnt that people go on health fads to lose weight and to look more attractive, even if there are many many terrible side effects. I have also learnt that the people who advertise said health fads, don't tell us that there are any side effects. Which can lead to death and or serious injury. Many companies get people to try there fads by making the fad sound like a quick and easy way to either lose weight or make yourself more attractive (The attractive part really means women.

Thank you for reading my awesome assignment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)