Virgin Islands Tourism


Tourism is a crucial part of the Virgin Islands economy. Tourism has been striving for some years now and there are aims to continue this success. The goal is to inform students about the history of the tourism economy. Another goal is also to encourage students of the local community to become involved and assist in helping build and maintain their economy.


  • Students will gather into groups of no more than five.
  • Each student will choose a sub topic out of the jar they would like to present on.
  • Each group will be provided with an index card.
  • Students should record the name of each group member, sub topic and the job everyone will do.
  • Each group will need to use books and articles to provide the information required on Virgin Islands Tourism.


  • Group 1-Report on the history of tourism economy.
  • Group 2-Report ways to promote tourism.
  • Group 3-How can students become involved in the tourism industry?
  • Group 4-Conduct interviews around the islands based on questions sheet provided.


History should include:

  • Include how has tourism economy improved in the US Virgin Islands.
  • When did tourism become a turning point for the US Virgin Islands?
  • What does “Tourism Syndrome” mean and when did it begin?
  • Include the first hotels on St. Thomas and what are they known as today?
  • Tourism attractions of each island and what are they known most for.

 *Each student should be able to answer questions provided on their section*


Independent Work: 

  • Each student will combine their insight of their whole research and what interest them the most.
  •  Which area in the tourism industry would you like to become involved in? Why?
  • Choose an island of your choice and persuade tourist to visit.
  • (Include USVI flag, flower, bird, music, best places to eat, historic sites to visit, beaches, things to do and more) Be creative!

Grading Criteria:

 0-Lowest to 10-highest



-Student used creativity throughout presentation

-The organization of Student’s presentation is satisfactory

-Sentence Structure

-Student used proper grammar

-Student provided clarity

-Show knowledge of section by answering questions from audience

-Presented area you want to become involved in

-Student was able to persuade a tourist to visit an island of your choice

-Student displayed appropriate body language and eye contact


Congrats class!!! You have completed the WebQuest. You were able to learn and report on different areas on the tourism economy in the United States Virgin Islands. You should now be able to present to someone on the tourism economy of the Virgin Islands based on what you have researched and learned from the presentations of your classmates.  I hope you are now encouraged to join an area of your interest in the tourism industry based on what you have learned.



Please refer to the following to conduct your research.




  • “A History of the Virgin Islands of the United States”-By Isaac Dookhan


  • “America’s Virgin Islands”: A History of Human Rights and Wrongs-Second Edition-By William W. Boyer


  •  “Race Relations in the U.S. Virgin Islands”-By Marilyn F. Krigger

            St. Thomas-A Centennial Retrospective


*Students: Please feel free to use and provide resources apart from what is listed for your research*