Virginia Policy Areas


The Virginia Constitution details Virginia policy on several different policy areas. Research the answers to the following questions and answer them on a sheet of paper. Use the Virginia Constitution (click the link here) to find the answers to your questions. 

Article VIII Education

  1. Which levels of public education must be provided for free for all children in the commonwealth?
  2. How should local government provide its portion of the cost of public education?
  3. What are the five powers and duties of the board of education (summarize)?
  4. What type of non-public higher education cannot receive aid from the commonwealth of Virginia?

Article IX Corporations

  1. What are the four types of businesses that the State Corporation Commission has the power and duty of regulating the rates, charges and services of?
  2. What type of enterprise are foreign corporations prohibited from carrying out in the commonwealth of Virginia?

Article X Taxes and Finance

  1. What types of property can only be taxed by local government (also called "segregated for local taxation")?
  2. What types of property owned by churches of religious bodies are exempt from taxation?
  3. What purpose should lottery funds be expended for?

Article XI Conservation

  1. What are the three areas that it is the policy of the commonwealth of Virginia to conserve, develop and utilize?
  2. What protections exist for natural oyster beds in Virginia?
  3. How can the right of the people to hunt, fish, and harvest game be restricted?


Short essay:

On a separate sheet of paper, respond to this essay prompt:

Choose two of the four policy areas listed in the Virginia Constitution and explain why, in your opinion, it is important to define powers of these policy areas in the constitution.