vocation promotion for the Carmelite Nuns


A Carmelite Nun is a woman consecrated to Jesus Christ through Mary. She spends her whole life in prayer and in service. Prayer is the way of Apostolic and with it they embrace the whole world, for it possesses an evangelizing power and is not limited by time or space


we serve God and our brothers and sisters in the Church and with the Church. though physically apart from the World because of our Cloistered contemplative lifestyle, we are mindful of the joys and hopes, grief and anxieties of our brothersand sisters whom we hold in our hearts with a prayerful tenderness. 


prayer  : the rule recommends us to stay in our cells pondering the Lord's law day and night

MODELS : Mary 

scripture describes Mary as a contemplative woman who ponder in her heart the action of God in her life

Elijah : was a contemplative who was burning with passion for absolute God, from him Carmel inherited passion for the Lord and the desire to interiorize his Word in the heart so as to give witness to his presence in the Word.


the turn out in Zimbabwe is very low though we hope for the best in future


above everything else, the daily celebration of the Eucharist Sacrifice, is the center and culmination of the whole of the entire life, since by the virtue of profession, everyone should offer his or her life as a sacrifice to the heavenly Father.