Wager of the War


BANG!! BOOM!! As the sound of gunshots lingered through everyone's ears and all over the area, the war had begun. As your quest begins through the aspects of the first World War, you will trek through the time of the first-ever world war understanding America's involvement. 


Your quest begins with many events starting with the causes of World War I and ending with the signing of the peace treaty between the United States and other countries who were in the war, in which, you will create a historical fiction short story on one event leading up to the signing on the peace treaty. 


Step 1: The students will conduct research of the several events, at least35,  that contributed to the cause of World War 1 that leads to the signing of the peace treaty. 

Step 2: As you are trekking throughout the first-ever Word War, you will complete a graphic organizer, of their choice online, to record their information. 

Step 3: Once you have completed your research, you will choose an event that you researched that was interesting to you. 

Step 4: Next, the students will start with the writing process to create a historical fiction assignment from the perspective of a 9th grader. 

Step 5: After completing the writing piece, the students will submit their finished product. 

-* Students will meet with the teacher throughout the process of writing to address any problems that arise*- 



The writing:
-Builds up and keeps a real and intuitive reason all through the assignment. 

- Indicates solid awareness to the readers' needs; communicates successfully with the reader; appropriate tone

- Demonstrates intelligence, gives explicit, exhaustive help; applies qualities of the class 

- Demonstrates cautious or potentially unpretentious association that improves the reason 

- Demonstrates control, assortment, and intricacy in sentence design to upgrade meaning 

- Demonstrates control of punctuation and utilization to upgrade meaning 

- Demonstrates exact, rich, as well as exact word decision proper for reader and reason 


As all of the students complete their writing assignments, they will turn in the work to the teacher. Once the teacher has received the student's finished writing piece, the students will reflect on their journey through World War through an open class discussion.