Water Crisis in Latin America


Pack your bags and get ready to travel!  We are sending you to Latin America to see the water pollution problem for yourself.  You will explore the area, gather information and create a report that explains the problem and provides a detailed solution.


Before you take off, you should probably know where Latin America is located. 

Use the following site to answer questions 1 through 5.


1.  Latin America spans two continents, _____________ America (including Central America and the Caribbean) and

_________ America.

2.  You will probably need a translator because most people in Latin America speak  _________________ or _________________,

3.  Latin America includes ____ sovereign nations and one dependent territory, ____________.

4. This country is the poorest in Latin America: _______________.

5.  ____________________is South America's most densely populated country.

Read the description of the major countries in Latin America. 

6.  Choose a country that you would like to visit. ______________________   Why?

7.  Which country do you believe would have the greatest issue with water pollution?  Why?


You will be flying from Atlanta to your destination.  

Visit the following website and fill in your travel time and the cost of your ticket below.



Travel Time






Let's take a look at four key rivers in Latin America.  Visit the site below to learn more and answer questions 8-15.


8. Untreated runoff and wastewater from_________ and farms contribute metals, ___________, herbicides and other ___________ to the Lerma River in _____________..

9.  The Riachuelo River in Argentina is also known as the ____________River.  Every day some _________ cubic meters of wastewater enters the river, and every year factories dump roughly ________ cubic meters of heavy metals and other industrial wastes into its waters.

10.  Why was that cleanup not successful?   Who might not want the river cleaned up?



11. What is the cause of the pollution of each of these rivers?



 Read the report found at https://www.worldwatercouncil.org/fileadmin/wwc/News/WWC_News/water_problems_22.03.04.pdf 


12.  According to this report, what are the most significant issues that has led to the water crisis in Latin America?


13.  Is this crisis man-made or natural?




Read the report found at https://www.theguardian.com/global-development-professionals-network/2016/apr/12/ten-ways-prevent-water-pollution-latin-america


Using their solutions as starting point, create a multi-media presentation that not only describes the problem but outlines YOUR solution to the problem.

Your presentation should include 

-the problem

-causes of the problem

-solutions to the problem

-why these solutions haven't been implemented previously

-why these solutions will work in the future