The Water Cycle!


Hey kids! Have you ever been outside on a rainy day, or played in the ocean and wondered where that water comes from?


The Water Cycle


Well we're here to tell you all about the water cycle, and how the rain from the sky falls on the ground to become puddles and then gets turned back into rain!


Sounds like magic, right?!

Join us on this magical journey and decide for yourself!


This Webquest will walk students through The Water Cycle and give examples of illustrations modeling it and will end with questions about what you've learned. It is designed for the K-3 age group.


Image result for water cycle clip art 3rd graders


  • Students will watch the videos linked to learn about every part of the water cycle.

  • Students will click the link of worksheet and fill out the blank spaces. 

  • Students will then answer questions about their experiment and what they have learned.


Ready to learn about the water cycle? Click on the process tab and lets go on this watery adventure!




You are going to watch a video link for each step of the water cycle. After you have watched all four (4) short video links you will answer some questions about what you have learned!

  Step #1 Evaporation!     

Image result for picture of evaporation                 


 Step #2 Condensation

Image result for picture of condensation


  Step #3 Precipitation

Image result for picture of precipitation



    Step #4 Collection

Image result for picture of collection in the water cycle



  1. In the water cycle, what is it called when water goes up and turns into a vapor?

  2. Condensation is when warm vapor rises, gets cold and does what in the water cycle?

  3. When clouds get too heavy to hold water in the water cycle, what happens?

  4. Water that soaks into the ground is called what in the water cycle?

  5. Precipitation falls in what four forms?

  6. What are the stages of the water cycle?


It's time to apply what you just watched and learned! Each student will print and complete the worksheet below. Be sure to carefully label the parts of the Water Cycle. Grab your crayons or colored pencils and let's get labeling!


Once you have completed your worksheet and questions you will be graded. We want to be sure you aren't cloudy on anything!




Image result for water cycle illustration

Lets see how many points you earned! You can receive up to a whole 15 points

Categories Poor (1pt) Good (3pt) Excellent (5pt) Total
Participation watching the videos I did not participate or watch the videos. I only watched 2-3 of the videos. I was involved and watched each of the videos  
Participation on answering the questions on the Process section (6 questions) 0-2 questions answered 2-5 questions answered 6 questions were answered  
Completed Water Cycle worksheet with labels and colors 0-2 Parts completed and no colors 2-4 parts labeled but no colors All part labeled and colored  

Most importantly, did you have so much fun? If so, you deserve a high-five! 



Way to go!

Even though it isn't magic that keeps the oceans full and the grass green the Water Cycle sure seems magical! You even got to do a little magic of your own by making your own rain.

Next time it rains head outside and watch the Water Cycle do its work! Each little droplet of water falling is making its way down to the ground where it will go through the Water Cycle and be made into rain all over again! You can even collect your own rain, set it out in the sun, and then watch it evaporate! There are so many ways you enjoy the Water Cycle, including a good joke.

Here's one to get you through until the next rain! 

What does it do before it rains candy?  

It sprinkles! 

Image result for raining candy

(Shhhhhh... we know it doesn't rain candy but it sure would be fun if it did!)


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