Water Found on Earth


Who drinks water everyday? Where do you think our drinking water comes from? What else do we use water for? Today, we are going to learn about where we can find water on Earth and what form (solid or liquid) the water is in. I found a webquest that will help us learn about this topic.


For this webquest you will complete two different activities. These activities involve watching a video, exploring some websites, and answering follow up questions.

The first activity is a video. The video explains where water is located on Earth. It goes into detail about the different types of water and forms of water on Earth. You will be given a note catcher to use while watching this video. This will help you take quick notes of what you think is important information from the video. These notes can be used to help you answer the follow up questions from the video. You will each be provided with a piece of paper with the follow up questions on it. 

The second activity is a website that everyone will explore. This website provides important information about water, the states of water, and where water is located on Earth. You will be given a paper with the follow up questions provided on the piece of paper.  



1. I have attached a link to find the graphic organizer for taking notes during the video. 


2. Activity 1: This is the video that you will watch first. Please use the graphic organizer to take notes during the video. Feel free to stop the video to have time to take notes. After watching the video answer the follow up questions. 



1. Water is in the __________, forms big _________, and is in our ________.


2. Water covers ________ percent of Earth's surface.


3. Where does most of our fresh drinking water come from?


4. Fresh water is found in _______, the _________, _________, _________, and ___________.

5. The fresh water in our atmosphere is in what state?

a. liquid

b. solid

c. water vapor

d. ice 



3. Activity 2: Please follow the link provided for the next activity. This link will take you to a website called ducksters education site. It provides more information about water. Please answer the questions on your paper that has been passed out. 


1. What is another name we use for water?

a. What does the H stand for?

b. What does the O stand for?

2. What three states can water exist in? 


3. When water is found in a glacier as ice what state is it in?

a. liquid

b. solid

c. gas

4. When drinking water what sate is the water in?

a. liquid

b. solid

c. gas

5.  What percentage of the water is in the Oceans?


You will be evaluated on the accuracy of the questions you answered. There are 10 questions and each question is worth 1 point. 

The note taking graphic organizer will be taken up for a grade for 5 points. If you wrote information down from the video you will get full credit. 

Everyone that participates in the activity will receive 5 points. If there is no participation or if you do not attempt the activity you will receive 0 points. 

Questions (10 points possible)

Note Graphic Organizer (5 points possible)  
Participation (5 points possible)  



Nice work everyone! I hope after completing these 2 activities you learned more about water. Today, we learned about the different states of water and where it is located at on Earth. As we continue to work in this unit we will revisit these resources. 


This webquest was created using Createwebquest.com.

Citation: Citation: “Create a WebQuest: Simple. Quick. Free.” Create WebQuest, www.createwebquest.com/.

The video used in the webquest was from the Youtube  channel NASA Space Place. 

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The website used in this webquest was from Duckster Education Site.

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Teacher Page

This webquest is created for a 2nd grade classroom that is studying water. 

The webquest is created to help students learn about where is located on Earth. This webquest provides a video that explains how water can be found in different place on Earth. The webquest also discusses the different states of water. The article provides information about the 3 states of water. This will plant the seed for future learning in the student educational growth. The information in this webquest will be used in the classroom for students to gain a deeper understanding of water. 

The standard used for this webquest was a 2nd grade standard. The performance expectation for the standard 2-ESS2-3:Obtain and communicate information to identify where water is found on Earth and that it can be solid or liquid. 

The Disciplinary Core Ideas for this standard is water is found in the ocean, rivers, lakes, and ponds. Water exist as solid ice and in liquid form. (LE.ESS2C.a) The webquest provides information that covers the topics from the DCI. It will be helpful for students to watch the video and explore the article provided. The video explains how water can be found in the ocean, rivers, glaciers, lakes, and streams. The article explains each state of water.