Into the Water by Paula Hawkins


The book is split into 4 parts with each jumping from one's perspective to another's. The story is set in a small town, Beckford, England. Although the story is set in 2015, it jumps through various, previous time periods. The story is mostly in the perspective of the main characters, Jules and Lena. Within the story a mother is found dead at the bottom of a river that flows through to whole town. The summer before that a young, teenage girl met the same fate and they aren't the only one's either. A woman and a stranger who'd left this town for various reasons is dragged back. This woman happens to be this young is a parentless, friendless girl's aunt, and the sister of the dead mother. She must now take care of her niece she barely knows and basically shuns her for not being in her and her mother's life.


First, you will watch a video simply and plainly explaining suicide.

Then, you will read an article explaining the difference between suicide and natural death.

After, you will watch another video of the author herself, Paula Hawkins, explaining her book and telling you why she did/wrote what she did for Into the Water.

Lastly, you will answer a series of questions about the connection to suicide and the book, and some interesting things that Hawkins did to make her book more interesting and help make you think.


QVideo 1:


Video 2:


1. Which of the following is most likely the theme of Into The water?

     a. good vs evil

     b. death

     c. war

     d. power and corruption

2. True or False: When Nel was writing her book about the stories behind the river she discovered that a long time ago people would put women in the river to test if they were witches or not.

     a. true


3. What did Nel's daughter think happened to her at the start?

     a. she was killed by the police officer who was investigating her death

     b. she ran away

     c. she committed suicide by drowning in the river

     d. she accidentally drowned in the river while out for a swim

4. Why didn't Lena like her aunt at the beginning?

     a. she used to beat her when she was a child

     b. she thought she was unfair

     c. she left making her and her sister become strangers

     d. she took her favorite doll

5. Who is Kate?

     a. one of the many girls found dead in the river

     b. Julia's sister

     c. the town librarian

     d. Lena's aunt

6. Who is Nickie?

     a. a woman who was believed to be crazy

     b. a young teen who also died in the river

     c. a sweet old lady

     d. the killer of all of the woman who died in the river

7. Why was common about all of the women who died in the river except for Nel?

     a. they were all teenagers

     b. they were all witches

     c. they all had done something really bad 

     d. they were all obsessed with the water

8. Who was Robbie Cannon?

     a. the only male to die in the river

     b. Jules brother

     c. one of the police officers investigating the deaths

     d. Nel's crush who her sister

9. Which of the following was NOT found dead in the river?

     a. Lena

     b. Libby

     c. Julia

     d. Anne

10. Which relation to Katie is NOT true?

     a. Katie is Josh's sister

     b. Katie is Nel's daughter

     c. Katie is Lena's best friend

     d. Katie is Louise's daughter

11. How does Hawkins use metaphors throughout the book to connect to the river? (ex: "guilt seeped through, a trickle at first and then a flood")





Grading Rubric:






Information: Multiple Choice

-Answered all questions correctly


-Answered majority of the question correctly with one or 2 incorrect


-Answered most of the questions correctly while missing 3 or 4


-Answered half or less than half of the questions incorrectly (or not at all)


Information: Evaluation/Short answer

-Stayed on topic


-Wrote good amount


-Answered the question


-Got off topic every once in a while


-Wrote good amount


-Answered the question


-Got off topic every once in a while


-Wrote some but not enough


-Answered the question


-Didn’t stay on topic


-Didn’t write enough


-Didn’t answer the question




Into the water is a very interesting book with a majority of characters that contribute to the story. It provides plenty of things to think about and the switching between characters keeps you on your toes. It's full of suspense and mystery. The characters all have a unique point of view and story that we get to "experience" by reading from their point of view. Although because there are so many characters, we don't get to connect with them as much because it was like we were watching everything that happens from gods point of view (which is not what was intended). Overall it was a interesting book with a great story line.