At The Waters Edge


At the Waters Edge is set during around the middle of World War II, and is about a privileged young woman and man named Maddie and Ellis who are married, and though their marriage is not very great and never has been, they have stayed together. Both Maddie and Ellis's are dependent on Ellis's allowance and also live with Ellis's parents, so their lifestyle is very contained and everything seems to be handed to them with ease. It is said that Ellis's father had taken a picture of the loch-ness monster and became famous for a while. This took a tun when people began spectating the picture, and wondering if it was actually true; Ellis's dad began receiving backlash, and the topic of the picture or even the monster itself became a very soft spot for his entire family. After an argument Ellis's had with his father, Ellis decided to bring up the photo of the monster, which infuriates his father and he kicks Ellis and his wife out of their home, limiting their resources. Ellis later then confesses that he believes his father, and he himself, Hank, and Maddie all take a trip to Scottland to see if the loch is actually there, and to try to prove his fathers photograph. Maddie is left at an inn while Ellis and Hank investigate the waters, and after not returning for weeks and Maddie thinking they left her for good, she befriends two women there and also begins to fall in love with the mananger of the inn, who she recognizes by name, but doesn't realize why until later......Maddie is then conflicted with who to choose, but quickly decides after her husband, Ellis, shows his ugly side...Image result for at the waters edgeImage result for sara gruen


In this webquest, you will be given multiple links that will take you to different pages that I think are or could be related to the book. Your job is to answer the questions given with the help of the links provided. The answers may be hidden within the text and may take some reading. All questions require at least one answer and all short answer questions require at least a small paragraph of us to 3-5 sentences. To be able to open the links, copy and paste each link into the search bar and press enter when ready. There will be 10 1-2 answer questions, followed by 2 short answer questions. All links will be located in the process bar, and all questions will be located in the evaluation bar. 




Where is the setting taken place? Why do you think the author chose this place for the main setting?


What happened during Maddie's childhood that caused it to be so brutal and tragic? (one, separate link)


What is the real monster of the story, aside from the loch-ness monster? (one, separate link)


During the '40s, the divorce rates fluctuated greatly. Why do you think this is? Do you think this is the same reason Maddie didn't leave Ellis, to begin with? (one, separate link)


What is the theme of the story? Do you think the author tried to connect it to her life? (two different links)


What phrase do they use to describe the poaching done by Angus? (one, separate link)


What is being "MIA"? How many men in WWII went MIA? (one, separate link)


Why do you think Sarah Gruen chose to have Angus come back as an important character towards more of the end of the book? Do you think Gruen did this to symbolize something? Or just to have another character down? Explain in two sentences or less. (no link)


What are the two "main" genres to "At The Waters Edge"? Using the link, describe both of these genres.


What is the importance of the loch-ness monster in the story? Why do you think she hyped up the loch and the characters going to discover it and then totally change the focus of the story? Or do you think she did that on purpose to keep the story interesting? 


In your OWN opinion, what are your thoughts on this book? You may use your own knowledge from the book or information from the links provided to help form your own thoughts. Explain in no less than 5 sentences.


Would you recommend this book to others to read? Why or why not? Explain in no less than 5 sentences. 


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To conclude, was a love story with history and psychological problems involved. As a story, its a great a fun read, but the underlying messages that are waiting to be found are psychological and powerful. This book can be used to teach but also to entertain. Make sure to pay close attention to the book, the articles and links provided, and questions, and take notes on anything that seems to come across as important or powerful that you could use for future reference. This book is a great read and has many ups and downs and plot twists! Happy Reading!