We are going to the Aquarium!


We are going to the Sydney Aquarium!

Today we are starting to plan our day trip to the Sydney Aquarium. We have got 22 students in our class, so we need to make sure that everyone can make it. 

We have been practicing 12 and 24-hour time notation and reading and creating timelines, so today is the day to put all our acquired skills to practice! Are you ready?


We are planning a visit to Sea Life, the Sydney Aquarium! We are all very excited about this trip, but we need to make sure that we plan our day in an organised and thoughtful way. 

I wish we could just pack our bags and go, but we need to factor in some very important information:

  • The school bus arrives at school at 8:15 each morning. Due to increased traffic, the bus is usually late on Fridays, arriving at school around 8:20-8:25am.
  • There are some kids in our class that need to take their education within half an hour of a main meal (breakfast/lunch or dinner)
  • Everyone really wants to watch the seals feeding/acorbatics shows. These shows only happen at certain times of the day: 10:00, 12:30 and 14:45.

Can you produce a timeline of all the events that are going to happen on our day out? Please consider all the information given in regards to the bus schedule, students' medication needs, the aquarium opening times. Remember that you also need to plan meal times!

Please use the Canva app to create an informative timeline - include pictures to illustrate important events and correctly use AM/PM time notation!


Please send the timeline you produced on Canva to the teacher's email or print it and hand it to the teacher. 


I can not wait to see those seals! I know it is going to be the best day ever!