Weather Webquest


Hello! In todays webquest, we will be discovering more information about the weather. 


Visit the following websites and answer the questions to gain more information about weather vocabulary and other information!



Go to and click on the weather drop down tab. Then click on Weather Words and answer the following questions.

What is a cirrus cloud? ___________________________________________________________________________

Definition of rain: ________________________________________________________________________________

What is frost? __________________________________________________________________________________

Where is the equator? ____________________________________________________________________________

What is the mixture of gases, which form the atmosphere of earth? ________________________________________

What does it mean to have a clear sky? _____________________________________________________________

Go to and answer these questions.

The ______________ is the air that ___________ and _____________ breathe to survive. 

What is the earth surrounded by? ___________________________________________________________________

What is the thinnest layer on earth? _________________________________________________________________

In what layer do planes fly? ________________________________________________________________________

What two gases is the atmosphere mostly made up of? __________________________________________________

What are their percentages in the atmosphere? ________________________________________________________ 

  Needs Improvement
Identifies the Weather Student failed to identify and match certain vocab words of weather. Student has identified some vocab or some other questions but not all.  Student has identified and understands the components of weather and other factors.   
Understands the Weather Cannot understand the roles of certain weather components. Somewhat understands the weather Understands the role of weather and other components  
Following Instructions Student does not follow two or more of the directions. Student does not follow one of the directions. Student properly followed all instructions.  

Weather plays a serious role in everyones day to day activites. Understanding what certain weather looks like, and just understanding what is happening in our atmosphere is vital information to have. Hopefully this webquest shed some light on certain topics of the weather.