We will be expanding on the units we've been studying this semester. You will be completing tasks based on our studies of DNA, Forces, and Evolution (though the eye).


Task 1
Click here to watch Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey episode 2 segment related to the evolution of the eye. 


Task 2
1. Go to the link here
-watch the video of the DNA activity.
2. Go to the DNA Color Key and build your own DNA model. 
3. Answer the Focus Question.


Task 3
Click here to watch the Defining Gravity: Crash Course Kids #4.1 video related to our studies about gravity. 


Read the instructions. 

Complete the three tasks.

Complete the Google Doc activities. 


Complete the prompts that go along with each task by clicking on the link to the document here.
*When you complete all of the tasks in the doc, submit to complete the assignment.