Introduction: the teacher explains the objectives and aims of the assignment;


Task: the teacher explains the assignment (problem solving, report, video, research, project 


 the teacher gives the sitography (the list of sites to be used to find information) and any criteria for using materials outside of those provided;



the teacher suggests the work steps to follow;


students present the work and reflect on the whole process.
WebQuest: the teacher's role


the teacher explains how the students' performance will be assessed;


Teacher Page

Through the WebQuest, the teacher builds a structure between the student and the internet, in order to allow the student to concentrate on the task rather than searching for information. The teacher's task will therefore be to organise the work in advance, choosing the most suitable sites for the assignment and formulating the delivery in a clear and comprehensive manner.

At the same time, the teacher assumes the role of mediator of the interaction and learning processes of the students and must intervene to encourage dialogue and confrontation in the event of moments of impasse or loss of motivation.