WebQuest about WebQuest


This is NOT a scavenger hunt, this is NOT busy work, this is NOT a competition.  WebQuests is the creative and collective incorporation of learning and understanding.  Now it's your turn.


Develop a WebQuest based on any topic centering around "Thanksgiving."  Teams will be formulated in which learners will collect facts and create a collaborative learning presentation of what they learned.  Students will answer the questions:

1.  How did Thanksgiving begin?

2.  Why is Thanksgiving important?

3.  Is Thanksgiving the most important holiday?  Why or Why not?

4.  Does other places in the world celebrate Thanksgiving?  If so, how?

Students will collectively assemble a creative presentation to relay their findings to the above noted questions. 


Step One: Follow these links to read how Thanksgiving began....




Make sense? Good! Now in your own words, explain how Thanksgiving began.


Step Two: Click on this link to read a brief history of the importance of Thanksgiving ... 



Step Three: Why is Thanksgiving an Important holiday to you? What makes Thanksgiving your favorite holiday as opposed to another holiday? Click on these links to get historical information about other holidays!



How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? What are your favorite traditions?


Step Four: Ready to look at some examples of how others celebrate Thanksgiving? Follow these links:






Now ... put it all together!


# Beginning 1 Developing 2 Very Good 3 Exemplary 4 Score
Definition of Thanksgiving Can briefly describe Thanksgiving Has a good understanding of Thanksgiving but may not be able to fully describe historical component Has a good understanding of Thanksgiving Has an excellent understanding of Thanksgiving and can creatively describe it in their own words. 33.3
Importance of Thanksgiving Understands importance of Thanksgiving Understands importance of Thanksgiving and lists one or two specific significant elements. Understands that Thanksgiving is historically significant and can name several benefits. Understands that Thanksgiving is important and able to express why and how Thanksgiving is important to them 33.3
Thanksgiving around the World one example provided with limited content two examples provided. provides three to four examples with explanation. provides more than four examples with explicit description 33.3

WHOOHOOOO done!  Hopefully, this WebQuest provided you will a team learning approach to problem solving, task division, planning and executing, while building and creating.  Look what you accomplished!  (insert eyeball emojis)