WebQuest- Cultural Ambassadors


As part of our Geography Studies we have learned about the world's most populous cities and countries and the major industries and languages associated with each of the 7 Continents.  Now it is time to narrow our focus - you will be acting as a Cultural Ambassador to the country of your choice, describing what makes your country unique - the language, arts, culture and people of your country!  


You will be addressing your classmates as the Ambassador of a country of your choice.  You will write a two paragraph "speech" that you will read to your peers in which you share cultural, linguistic and economic information about your country. Your "speech" must include the answers to the 8 questions included in this activity.  While your classmates make their presentations, be prepared to ask follow up questions to any information shared.


1.  Reflect on some of the countries and cultures we have discussed as a class.  Choose a country that you are interested in learning

    more about.  This could also be a country reflective of your family background.

2.  Share your choice with me.  We will aim to have each country represented by one presenter each.

3.  Use the internet to answer the following questions about your country:

                    * When was your country founded?

                    * What is the population of your country?

                    * What languages are spoken by the people of your country?

                    * Describe one major custom / tradition celebrated by your country's people.  What makes this custom / tradition unique?

                    * Describe some of the music and arts associated with your country.

                    * Name a famous personality (eg. author, actor, musician, politician) from your country

                    * Name a traditional food reflective of your country.

                    * Share 3 new facts you learned about your country as part of your research

4.  Write your answers in the form of a "speech" that you will give to your audience.  Your "speech" must be at least two paragraphs. 



                                                                                  WEBQUEST EVALUATION 


                                                               3                                                      2                                                      1


RESEARCH                               Student provided all                        Student provided some                    Student provided little

                                                    information                                      information                                       information


PRESENTATION                       Student spoke clearly,                     Presentation was                             Good presentation, but

                                                   presentation was well-                    practiced and well-                           more practice was

                                                   organized, kept classmates            presented                                         needed



EFFORT                                    Exceeded expectations                   Met expectations                             Approaching expectations


You will record at least 3 facts you learned from each peer presentation; after each presentation you will meet with an assigned group and share the facts you recorded.  You will share with your peers something you would be interested in learning more about based on each presentation.