Webquest on cyber-bullying


What is cyber-bullying?

This is normally the type of bullying, threats and harrasments that take place on different social media platforms made available for public to see and humiliate the suspect.

For example posting something bad on Facebook/Twitter about a particular person and everybody that sees that starts mocking the other person, in a social media circle that keeps repeating itself. This might cause the victim to feel uncomfortabl

Why not cyber-bullying 

  • Cyber-bullying leads to depression. 
  • One could end up dropping out of school because they feel uncomfortable about what is going on, on social media platforms.
  • One could end up committing suicide because they feel they don't have friends, nobody will ever be there for them to support them.

By the end of this webquest one should be able to:

Define the term cyber-bullying.

Mention the types of social media whereby cyber-bullying is likely to happen.

Ways of preventing cyber-bullying.

  1. Divide yourself in groups of 4
  2. Than you decide which one of you will be bullied. And who will be the bully. 
  3. Do a research on cyber-bullying and only that. Do not go beyond cyber-bullying. 
  4. Meet with your group and put everything In place.
  5. Keep rehearsal until all is in perfect.
  6. Now come up with solutions. Imagine you were all grown up what would you do to stop this situation?

In conclusion it's concluded that cyber-bullying occurs because of the choices made. Parents are advised to educate their children on cyber-bullying risks. They should talk about how to report cyber-bullying if it occurs.