WebQuest sample


Hi there!

This topic of this WebQuest is about the cultural differences between places with which you are very familiar - Hong Kong and China.

By the end of this WebQuest, in groups of 4, you will give a presentation on the cultural differences and constraints on dissolving them. 



In groups of 4, explain and justify the underlying cultural beliefe of behaviour or features with reference to the context. You are strongly advised to include future directions of the issues discussed. Each group will have 15 minutes for presentation. At the end of the presentation, present one question to be discussed with the whole class. 

Below are the questions that may guide you through the working process.

1). What are the feature of behaviour and culture of the two places?

2). What are the differences between the culture of the two places and what are the contributing factors,

3). What are the problems brought by this difference?

4). What are the possible measures that stakeholders can take to alleviate the situation?

You will be assessed on your knowledge and understanding of key concepts and principles, ability to critique the topics in context,

insights, organisation and academic presentation skills.


Please watch the following videos.


You are also advised to use Internet to look for authoritative scholary journals to support your findings and discussions.



Presentation - 100

 - Understanding of key principles - 30

 - Insight  - 45

 - Presentation style  - 10

 - Organisation - 15




Congratulations students,

I hope your understanding of the culture of these two places and your intercultural sensitivity have increased.


For additional readings and web pages regarding the discussed issues, please feel free to contact me.


This is created by Chan Lap Hin, Kenny.

A student majoring in English Language Education at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.