Webquest for The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle


You have survived an ocean voyage on The Seahawk, but others will need your advice. Through your experiences and research, you will be able to give advice to others who might need it.  

Now you need to go to the task.


The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle



The task is for two student to create a brochure, booklet, or Keynote/Powerpoint on one of several topics related to The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle.  

The information must be researched, and you will have to indicate where the information was found.

You and your partner will present to the class your brochure, booklet, or Keynote/Powerpoint.

Topics can include:

The Life of a Sailor in the 1800's                     Role of Women & Men in the 1800's

Education in the 1800's                                    Children in the 1800's

Sailor's Work

What was life like for a sailor? What kind of work would they do? What would be the tools they would use? Where would things be on a boat? Use the book and research to help you create a guide that would help young men decide if they would want to be a sailor.

Miss Manners

Create a guide that would help students at Miss Weed’s learn how to behave properly. Use Charlotte’s actions and research to help you. Your project should contain both rules and examples.

The History of Slavery in England

Zachariah was a freed black man on the Seahawk.  In America slaves were not freed until 1865,  yet The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle takes place in 1832. Research the history of slavery in England and how it was abolished.

Building and design of a ship such as the Seahawk

How were ships such as the Seahawk built? How were they designed? Research both the history and design of a ship, indicating where things were located. Do not simply copy the diagrams from the book, but add details not listed in the novel.

  1. Choose from one of the topics found on the Task page.
    1. If you would like to do a different topic, make sure you have the teachers approval. 
  2. Research your particular topic.  Use books and websites.
  3. Links for several of the topics can be found on the credits page.
    1. Create a  3 x 5 card for each source of information related to your topic.
  4. Take notes of information that you plan to use on the presentation.  
    1. Make sure you write down where you found the information.
    2. The notes must be turned in with your finished assignment.
  5. Create your brochure, booklet, or Keynote/Powerpoint.  
  6. Once it is created you will present your finding to your classmates.   

A Rubric will be used to grade your presentation. I will be using the Rubric #1 which can be found on the following URL: