Webquest Unit 1 Open World 1 - Going Places


Dear Students,

After looking closely at the components of the first Unit of the Open World Book concerning the topic "Going to Places", you will now be introduced to a webquest concerning this topic.

The following overview of topics you can research will show you what you have to do and give you concrete information about the task. Each one of you will research about a chosen city being connected to the content of the first Unit. Further details will be introduced in the "Task"-part.  

Several menu items can be found in this webquest:

1.) Introduction: A short introduction to the topic that you will be working on

2.) Task: The exact descriptions and learning goals for each task can be found in this section. Your task is to create a short travel guide for a weekend trip to a city which you can chose according to your interests. 

3.) Process: This section contains helpful links, ideas and tips you can use to create your travel guide.

4.) Evaluation: In the end, each one of you will have created a small travel guide for a chosen city including hotel proposals, means of transportation, sightseeing activities and a budget and time plan. This travel guide will later be presented to your classmates.

5.) Conclusion: In the end, you can give your own opinion and say whether you liked this way of working or not and why.




In Unit 1 of the Open World Book we talked about traveling. We gained further information concerning the scottish city Edinburgh. The following task contains each of you creating a short travel guide for a weekend in a chosen city (about one A4 page) which will later be presented to your classmates. There are a few things you should consider when creating this travel guide. Make sure that you name the following categories:

A.) Find a place where you would recommend your classmates to stay during their city-trip. It can for example be a hotel, an airbnb or a bnb, thats up to your preferences.

B.) Prepare some interesting sightseeing activities that you would like to do during your stay. (The activities can also be based on experience if you have already been in that city and know some interesting places to visit.)

C.) Think about means of transportation and how you will get to the city you chose. Is there maybe a metro or a train or do you rather go by plane to get there?

D.) Create a budget-plan and a time line where you list the planned activities and the time that you might have for each of them during that weekend. You can chose the Friday as the day of arrival and the Sunday as departure-day. 

In the "process"-section you will find some useful links and tips for your research. In case of questions don't hesitate to contact your teacher.


Learning goals:

The students can use learned vocabulary around the topic "going to places" in different context.

The students can present a chose city while considering the given criteria.

The students can use their English in every day situations involving travel and sightseeing. 


For your process you might find some useful devises in this section being divided into four categories which should structure your travel guide. Furthermore there is a layout example you can follow in order to organize your travel guide.

How to organize your travel guide:

1.) Introduction

Give a short introduction why you chose this city and what is so special about it. 

2.) Organization of the trip

Plan where you will be staying during your trip and why. Furthermore collect several sightseeing ideas you would recommend for the chosen city and how to reach them. Explain what is special about them and use pictures to show what they look like.

3.) Resume Informations

In the end resume everything in form of a budget and time plan so that your classmates have an overview of your travel.

4.) List all used references


Helpful links to find material for creating your travel guide.

A.) Finding a place to stay

 Gebäude, Haus, Geschäfte, Hotel, Straße, Cafe, Provence        Cafe, Architektur, Gebäude, Griechenland


Airbnb, Wohnung, Vermietung, Logo, Urlaub, Bildschirm

There are many ideas of how one could spend a weekend in a city. Chose what suits you best when thinking of a place to stay. There are several possible options you can consider.

1.) https://www.airbnb.de (holiday homes)

2.) https://www.trivago.ch (hotels)

3.) https://www.couchsurfing.com

... or other ideas you might have.


B.) Sightseeing activities 

London, Britain, Bus, Red, Rot, City, Großbritannien

Prepare some interesting activities one could do in the chosen city. The following pages might be helpful. Furthermore a travel-guide or specific informations about the chosen city could be useful.

1.) https://www.tripadvisor.ch/

2.) https://city-sightseeing.com/


C.) Means of transportation

Chose a fitting way of transportation to get to your chosen destination. The following links are possible examples of pages where you could find fitting transports. There are many more to explore.

Flughafen, Verkehr, Frau, Mädchen, Tourist, Reisen

1.) https://www.thetrainline.com/

2.) https://www.skyscanner.ch



D.) Create a budget and time-plan for your weekend-trip listing the chosen activities and the time you consider for them. Creating a chart might be the best option. 

Routenplaner, Planen, Planung, To-Do, To Do-Liste


In the end of this webquest, each one of you will have created a small travel guide for a chosen city including hotel proposals, means of transportation, sightseeing activities and a budget and time plan. This travel guide will later be presented to your classmates. It should be about one to two A4 pages including the required informations which further will be listed and planned carefully in the budge/time plan.

The following criteria will be crucial for the evaluation of your travel guide.



Almost fulfilled

Partly fulfilled

Not fulfilled

Expressions and vocabulary are being used correctly and being adapted to the topic.





The grammatical structure of the sentences is clear and the reader is able to follow the content.





The four main categories are being mentioned in the travel guide and have been researched properly.





A budget and time plan has been created to give the reader an overview of the planned trip.





The layout is inviting for readers.






Copy the link and fill out the following evaluation form about the webquest.