Webquest: When She Woke


This Webquest will take you through a journey of the themes of the book When She Woke by Hillary Jordan. It will guide you through common themes of the book and connect them with real world situations.


Throughout this Webquest, there will be different links with articles and different multimedia that you will go through. by reading the articles and looking at the pictures and videos, you'll be able to answer the questions following them up. These will be questions about the book and/or real life situations.


Directions: Click on the links and multimedia below and let them guide you through the questions following. 




Read through this link to read about the laws on abortions as of May 1, 2019 in the U.S.

1. How many states have laws that prohibit "partial-birth" abortion?

2. In When She Woke, what are the laws and views on abortion? Give evidence from the text. 

Read this article and watch the video that gives an example of how abortion laws can affect women.


1. What are some of the negative affects of the abortion laws in the U.S. today? 

The separation of church and state: 


1. When does the line between church and state get crossed?

2. In When She Woke, how did the crossing of that line affect the people involved? Give 3 examples.

Read the article below about examples of when the separation of church and state is violated.


The criminal justice system:


1. Sum up how a sentencing works for a convicted criminal in our justice system.

2. In When She Woke, how was the skin color change effective on criminals?


In When She Woke, instead of keeping criminals locked up forever, their skin color is changed based on the seriousness of the crime. Is this more impacting than our prison system today? Explain in essay form. 

Scoring rubric

50/50 points

Shows thorough evidence that is relevant to the topic and support the answer with few to no grammatical errors. Answer is relevant and thorough.

40/50 points

Shows good evidence that is mostly relevant to the topic. Few to no grammatical errors. Answer is mostly relevant and thorough to the question asked. 


Shows some evidence that is not very relevant to the topic. Answer is somewhat relevant and thorough.



Throughout this webquest, you have red articles and watched videos about topics here in the real world today. With the help of the questions provided, you were able to connect those topics back to When She Woke and show the similarities and differences between them.